Punch Cards

If you are or your loved ones medication looks something like this:

Family DrugCenter can make it look like this

We provide you with the same medication administration system used by many assisted living facilities.  We call it "Punch Cards"

Our "Punch Card" system organizes your medication into appropriate dosing schedules to fit your needs.  No more struggling to open lids, no more looking for pill bottles, or trying to remember if you took your medication.  You simply punch out your medication and you're done until your next dosing time.

Family DrugCenter makes it easy for you to get your correct medication at the proper time.

To sign up for this valuable service:

Family DrugCenter will then fill your prescription, bill your insurance and ship your "Punch Carded" medication to you.

If you know of someone who is struggling with taking their medication, do them a favor, and tell them about our service.